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It’s no secret that when it comes to searching for information, a majority of people will either search social media or a search engine such as Google. It is important to understand that Google is much like any other person looking for something. It is searching for the most relevant content with the most relevant terms. There is no magic formula to unlocking this however, there is only being relevant, and being irrelevant. The Google search engine algorithm is so complicated that even Google engineers don’t know it fully. That is because Google’s search engine uses machine learning to understand and develop around the idea of relevance. However, there is one thing that is known for sure: staying relevant means a number of things: optimizing your website for what visitors want and expect using relevant content, fast loading times, simple navigation, and klout. In order to increase your page ranking, you need other websites with more traffic and klout than you to link to you. This require PR work, communicating with journalists, and getting your website connected with others in your industry. Of course, with search engine marketing, we can boost the likelihood of potential prospects finding you by using optimized paid traffic, however, in the long run organic search engine traffic saves a lot of money and builds your reputation as a fierce competitor in your market.

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